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About the Cactus Drive-in Project

We currently own a large inflatable Open Air Cinema screen, several large venue projectors, DVD players, an FM sound transmitter, and a number of real drive in speaker sets on portable stands.

We use this equipment to re-create a portable "Drive-in" at various locations provided by our hosts, much like the old drive-ins that used to exist .

We often partner with other community groups to present an event and raise funds to keep our operations going.

It costs quite a bit to make something like this work. There are insurance costs, equipment costs, maintenance costs, and licensing costs to present a movie. Often it costs $1,000 or more just for one evening of entertainment. Your donations help keep this going. We receive no regular funding from any commercial organization.

If we can raise enough money, we will be able to get a commercial projection setup and broker with the regular film distributors to show current fare.

The Board of Directors of the Cactus Drive-In Theatre Foundation are very committed to this project. Hundreds of thousands of Tucsonans have enjoyed an outdoor movie in our past and we want future families and individuals to have the same opportunity.

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